Video - Promos and Performance Excerpts

The first video is a report by Christian Weibezahn from the Euromaxx program broadcast on Deutsche Welle (English) 7 August 2018. It focusses on the Fringe's many performers and includes Emma and her band promoting and performing her cabaret show. Check this out at approximately 1m:58s and 4m:32s.

The second video is a show teaser recorded by Western Dyer Productions at Southbank Parklands, Brisbane Australia.

The third video is also a show promo while the remaining two are original songs from the show - Healed of You and I Am A F*&cking Unicorn. All three were recorded and edited by MT Video at Brisbane Powerhouse / Wonderland Festival 30 Nov 2017. Featuring Emma Dean, Tony Dean, Richard Grantham, Jamie Kendall and Katie Swan. Plus comments from audience members after the show!




Official Video Clips - featuring songs from Broken Romantics

These are the official video clips of three original songs by Emma Dean included in Broken Romantics:

Healed of You
and Time, featuring Emma Dean, Jamie Kendall, Tony Dean and Richard Grantham with ASL interpreter Kyle Andrews; Feed It, featuring Emma Dean and Sam Smith.

Details of creatives involved in the production of these clips are listed on Emma's main site here.


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