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This page contains an archive of selected photos from previous photoshoots and gigs.

2016 Photoshoot (Photos: kdphotography {})

Attention Media: A HI-RES image of Photo 1 above is available HERE (right-click and save as...) 

White, Red & Black EP Trilogy Photoshoot 2013 (Photographer: Kate Davies @ KD Photography)
Photoshoot 2012 (Photographer: Kate Davies @ KD Photography)
Zen Zen Zo's Cabaret 2011 (Photography: Courtesy Zen Zen Zo)
Emma Dean and The Imaginary Pop-Cabaret CD photoshoot 2010 (Photographer: Kate Davies @ KD Photography)
Emma Dean and the Imaginary Friends Tour (2010)

Emma with Dale Thorburn, Lia Reutens and Giema Contini

Emma with Lia Reutens, Amanda Laing and Walter Davis-Hart
My Sublime Shadow (Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatre Production 2010)
Emma Dean meets Dr Dream Tour photoshoot 2010 (Photo: Misha Byrne)

Woodford Folk Festival December 2009 - Emma & her imaginary friends - Dale Thorburn, Jamie Kendall & Giema Contini (Photo: Steve Pohlner)

There are hawks in my sky...

"The New Dead: Medea Material" (National Institute of Dramatic Arts [NIDA], Sydney 2009)

Cast of Medea (David Berry, Lia Reutens & Emma)

Medea, the barbarian

The Tempest photoshoot 2009 (Photographer: Simon Woods - photographs courtesy Zen Zen Zo)


Real Life Computer Game photoshoot 2008 (Photographer: Ricky Sullivan)


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